About us

We love what we are doing, fishing is fun! But seeing the happy smile of the client is even more fun!

You are welcome to some of Sweden’s best zander lakes, secret pike waters, or an exclusive expedition to the magnificent Swedish Lapland, searching for the large brown trout. We take you to the waters that are best for the day of choice, and we can offer you the lures or flies for a successful day.

We work sustainable. With a background of years of fisheries research & management as PhD scientist, we got the knowledge. In several of our home waters our main task is fisheries management, thus we are careful not to put to high pressure on the fish stocks. During 2013 we assist scientists in marking zander in Lake Storsjön to study migration patterns & behaviour. C & R are obvious for us, but of cause we allow keeping a fish for dinner by the lake.

We like, as you might have caught already, to go for small secret waters with low fishing pressure. As part of our sustainable philosophy, as well as our wish to give you a high class experience, we prefer to serve you locally produced food. If you like to join an expedition, we usually cooperate with local entrepreneurs at the destination.

In our home waters in the middle of Sweden, we have a guide pool to ensure that you will get out the day of your choice.