Sorry, we do not have any possibilities to arrange fishing trips 2017, we are totally loaded with regularly work throughout 2017.

You are welcome to some of Sweden’s best zander lakes, secret pike waters, or to join an exclusive expedition to the magnificent Swedish Lapland!

Rävfjärden Pike & Perch 7 days
This package is the most genuine Swedish fishing experience there is to offer. You are on your own in the wilderness, no neighbors, clear water & excellent view. Here you got a superior package for you that seeks the genuine & the Swedish east coast, famous for its pike & perch fishing.
“Such a place is unaffordable!”, (Joachim, Germany).

Fishing lake Storsjön 7days
Lake Storsjön is Sweden’s best zander (pikeperch) lake. Zander & pike exceeding 10 kg were hooked there the last year. You will stay in a handsome site on a long sand beach with a sunset view over the lake. The boat lies right below waiting for you!
No other Swedish lake hade more big zander registered in 2012 than lake Storsjön!

Monster Pike 4 days
Autumn is prime time for big pike. In fishing, there are no guaranties, but this is as close as you get to be guaranteed a 100 cm pike. You better be prepared for rough weather, but when the going gets tough… This is a first class package with guide for you that have decided that you want the best!

During autumn 2013 we explored some new waters, on average we had 3 pikes > 100 cm a day! On the last day of fishing we caught this series of pikes in less then one hour; 102-102-112-97-106 (cm). Top fish these days were 120 cm!

River Pike & Perch 4 days
Pike & Perch in river & lakes, fishing & nature at its best! Here we can offer a great combination of river & lake fishing for pike & perch in a Nature Reserve. Not far from civilization, but way outback you find a beautiful river & a small village in genuine surroundings from the 1800 century.

Here you can explore the secrets of a river that has been closed for fishing for a long time that we now have got access to!

Lapland Trout Expedition
Do you want to go to the far mountains of Lapland, back of beyond? Do you want to feel the strength of a big brown trout, feel the magic moment when the sun rises and clear the mist of the short night, viewing an untouched mountain valley? Join us for an expedition you will not forget! This is a first class package with guide for you that have decided that you want the best!

Please contact us if you need more detailed info about the packages! We are flexible about how many you are, & how long you like to stay. The only thing we do not alter is the quality of the package.
If you select one of the basic packages, we recommend that you add a guide day to learn the fishing or to join us to some of our secret waters.