The fishing in Sweden is fantastic: Thanks to the seasons we got such variations during the year. Most species can be fished throughout the year, but every season has its own attraction. When writing this line, we have some of the best day of the year. The first days when you for the first time of the season really feel that the sun is warming and the snow is melting. We call it “dagsmeja”. Tomorrow I will probably go out icefishing in the sun on my home lake, put out a few ice fishing rods, take a cup of coffee in the sun and just lay back.

Within a month, there will be open water in the streams. I will certainly go flyfishing for pike. Within two months, the best zander seasons starts, vertical or bait fishing, I can hardly wait! Then its summer, if you find me, it’s in the real outback, far up in the Swedish Lapland, stalking for the shy big brown trout.

Autumn, best shoot to find me is along the coast spin fishing for pike or perch. Late autumn, I might be bait fishing in some lake or river for the big pike, & in December I will look for the first ice. Ice fishing on the first thin and strong ice can be extraordinary nice!